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US Bank Card

US Bank Card

Product Information

Get the Special Debit Card which serves as a Basic US Personal Bank Account.

This is for all the millions of hardworking, people around the World who work online and need to be paid fast in US dollars.

Use this to get your commissions from Amazon, 2Checkout.com, PayPal, Ebay, Google Checkout, Payza, Clickbank and many, many other Places Online.


   Opened entirely by internet. 
No bank references needed.

No notarization needed.
No utility bills and no proof of address needed.

 No reporting requirements.

  This valuable Debit Card can be used at ATMs and online. Works at ATMs worldwide.

 There is Online Access attached to the account after activation, so that you can view your transactions online. When your card arrives, it is ready to use. Just activate, add money and you are good to go.

More Features.

Load Limit: No Limit Anymore!
(And you can now transfer your money via wire to your local bank account)

ATM Withdrawal limit: $500 per day.

Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal - 1st Withdrawal Free.
2nd withdrawal in a Day - $2.95 plus ATM owner fees, if any.

International ATM Cash Withdrawal $3.95 per withdrawal,
plus ATM owner fees, if any.

ATM Transaction Decline Fee $1.00 each

Card can be Loaded via ACH, Direct Deposit from selected companies. Also you can load PayPal to the card and not the US bank account.

A US address is NOT REQUIRED for this card. You get this card at your home country.

Unfortunately, this card can not be shipped to India by the company. I do not know their reason, but it is their policy. Sorry my Indian customers.

 After we get your payment, we send you a short form asking for some basic info like your name, address, date of birth and your travel Passport number. We also ask for a scan copy of your govt issued ID. We use the info / ID scan to process your account / Card.

After we get the approval, it can take up to 4 weeks (1 month) for the card to reach you depending on your location.

Once you get Card, just activate the card following the information that arrived with the card.

Cost is just US $400.00 $300.00 $200.00   $95.00 for a limited time only. Pls hurry and get your Card now. This amount includes delivery cost.

We take all the hassles away from you!

What You Need to Get Card / Bank Account.

Once you pay us, you need to provide us with your personal info - the type you give when you want to open a bank account in your country plus a scan of your ID.

Can I receive direct deposit or ACH to my account?

Yes though from only selected companies (almost all the affiliate networks in the US - over 120 companies) and not from individuals. Just give anyone your Bank name, Routing and Account numbers.

How do I access the fund in my US Bank account?

Your can wire your money to your home country
Also your Debit Card linked to your account acceptable at millions of locations worldwide. You can use your card to withdraw cash at ATMs. You can use the card at point of sales locations worldwide. Also you can use the card to pay online.

 How long will take to open the account and have my Card?

It takes between 4 – 5 weeks to get to you wherever you are.

How much will this cost?

Total cost to you is US $500.00 $400.00 $300.00 $95.00 for a limited time only. We are aware of similar cards going for $350 and more! So hurry and place your order before we increase our price.

  What will I get after I pay you?

You get ATM Card Plus a US Bank account linked to the Card.

How do I place an order and pay for the account?

You can place your order now by clicking on the link below.



We accept all the major Cards, Perfect Money, Okpay.com, Payza and PayPal. Just lets us know if you do not get your preferred method after you click the link above.

Hurry, go ahead and place your order now by making your payment before the price goes up. If you like, don't order from us first. You can go and waste your money and time with the others who will charge you several hundreds of dollars. Later you can come and get our Card which is the perfect solution that you are looking for.


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